Friday, 23 September 2016 06:51

How Small Can Nanomachines Be?

Nano-tech is the science of shrinking things to one billionth of a meter. That didn’t mean much for me either, until I found this fact: it would take 5 million nano-meters to equal the size of an ant! 1

It doesn’t take long to come around to the idea that this shrinking is the way of the future. Remember when the first flat screen TV’s cost $10,000 and weighted as much as a 4th grader? Now they are less than a half inch thick (1 cm) and we can carry a large one under one arm. How about the first mobile phones, when they needed to be permanently connected to a ten pound (4.5 Kg.) battery pack?

The video we are sharing today is a wonder, start to finish, as David Poque – tech columnist for the New York Times –  illuminates facts like:

If everything in our world had improved as much as we’ve improved electronics, the average family cars would travel faster than the space shuttle and houses would cost $200. Surgical procedures involving scalpels are rapidly giving way to barely invasive micro-surgery and surgical robotics. Even now we are beginning to use a material – that you have on your desk – just one atom thick to as a conductor and it promises to make the impossible possible: limitless storage and processes speed.

Have you seen David Pogue’s work? He’s amazing himself! Here at Ever Widening Circles, he is our favorite man of inquiry.  In this video, Pogue uses his fabulous sense of humor and “every man” curiosity to show us the most remarkable aspects of a subject that we are all steeped in, whether we know it or not: nanomachines. I could go on,.. but won’t… So let’s get to it… the stunning potential in this video goes on and on. Enjoy!..

Why should we care? I have a sense the video you just saw is a bit of a crystal ball. We may have just had a glimpse of things that will be commonplace in a decade or two. Once we discover new properties of any material, all kinds of cross-pollination of ideas occurs and our world lurches forward. (Something we are rooting for and pointing out day by day at Ever Widening Circles.)


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