The notion of a salesperson on the road with a localized version of a spreadsheet filled with inaccurate or outdated lead data and little ability to update it presents an anachronism in this era of instant digital access. But for Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), which has been engineering and selling space-age technology since 1986, such a low-tech system was more than an anachronism: it was a reality that impeded business growth. And it had to change.

Based in Colorado, LTI manufactures speed- and distance-measurement instruments that are used in a range of industries including law enforcement, mining, construction, and timber. It has 120 employees and sells in more than 100 countries. But until recently, its sales force relied on a combination of paper trails, emails, faxes, and phone calls to make those sales.

LTI’s adoption of Oracle Sales Cloud in 2013 modernized the company’s sales process with mobile-accessible lead, contact, and account management features, raising the sales team’s productivity, helping to increase sales by 30%, and opening the door to additional cloud investments.

From Analog to Cloud

“In the past, manually inserting purchase quotes and data into spreadsheets was extremely resource-intensive and inefficient. If a quote fell off, I wouldn’t have that information and I’d have to take the time to talk directly to the salesperson to find out the status of that deal,” says Roosevelt Rogers, executive vice president of sales and marketing at LTI. “We were well aware that a new level of efficiency was needed in order to grow our services.”