Governor Jang denies appointing son as commissioner

Governor Jang has denied appointing his son, Yakubu Jang as commissioner for Lands and Survey. Instead, he says that, it is simply additional responsibility to Yakubu’s substantive duty of an aid to the governor.


Bosko Chung, an indigene of Plateau State who resides in Bukuru sees no difference in Gov Jang’s argument and the allegation. As Chung  argues, ’’should we not concern ourselves with answers to the questions: are there no equally qualified people, even of the Berom tribe to be given such jobs? Why must everything revolve around Jang and his family?”

“I join those who blame our elders for allowing the Governor to do what he likes. And like Chinua Achebe said, the handshake which goes beyond the elbow is something else. What we are seeing is the consequence of having tolerated  Governor Jang’s unconventional behaviour  for too long, ” Chung argued.

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