Daylight Rape in Lagos Streets

It was on Wednesday, March 3, 2017 that Lagos set a record on the deteriorating values Africans are known for. This day represents the worse day for some innocent secondary school girls from Falomo Senior High School; worse because this is the day boys from Ireti Grammar School attacked the girls in broad day light and forced several of them to have sex with them.

According to Saharareporters, an eye witness mobilized two people to stop the sexually depraved Ireti Grammar School students. According to the report, while the perpetrators of this criminal act were carrying out this shameful act, their colleagues who had  formed a circle round them,  cheered them on.

Surprised, the eye witness lamented how other Nigerians looked on without doing anything as if the action was normal. She however, appreciated two other persons who joined her to free the girls from the rampaging Ireti Grammar School students.

With this incident, what moral lesson will the Ireti Grammar School authority say it has taught its final year students who perpetrated this criminal act? Shouldn't the necessary Education Authorities in both the State and the Federal Government investigate the school? This is our position.

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