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Group Captain ZR ZAKKA (rtd) PhD mni has accused Governor Tanko Al-makura of engaging in actions which suggest vendetta  against the opposition in Nasarawa State rather than concentrate on developing Nasarawa State.

Referring to Nasarawa government's demolition of the building housing a radio station, Breeze 99.9 FM after complaining on 15th May 2017 that the property housing the FM was residential not a business premises as gimmickry and wicked, he called on Mr Al-Makura to know that public servants whose complaints were aired by the FM station are aware of this development.

On his Facebook post, Dr Zakka, a former Governorship candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) lambasted Mr Al-Makura for luring Breeze 99.9 FM to rely on government’s promise that it was ready to normalize the C of O of the residential property used by the FM for its business via a ratification action if it (Breeze 99.9 FM Management) applied only to use the night of Friday 19th May 2017 to paste a notice of demolition which took place 0600hrs next day,Saturday20, 2017.

A call to the retired Air Force Officer by MegaNews to suggest how to calm nerves over this matter which has generated so much concern, he said, “ I am on the same page with Dr Nawani Aboki. He has appealed to our people to remain calm, not to take laws into their hands as due process would be followed to seek redress. I want to add that, since critical thinking and logic are not the vocation which this government is comfortable with, talking with them is meaningless. Consequently, the resort to judicial adjudication is, in my opinion, the only solution.

Group Captain Rabo ZAKKA (rtd) has also reminded the State government that the seizure of public servants salaries for 5 months (State) and local government Staff’s for several months(they are paid in percentages of 20%, 25% and 50% of their salaries) is never the way of governance. He therefore called on Mr Al-makura to imbibe humility, transparency, building confidence in the governed and respect for the rule of law as minimum traits a leader should possess. “Crude deployment of power clandestinely to intimidate real or perceived opponents or enemies is absurd. 

"The minimum we expect from Mr Al-makura is the return of the property to its original State or pay for the huge damage there including paying for the equipment damaged” he said.




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