Return files to Osinbajo - President Buhari orders his staff


Nigeria's President, Muhammadu  Buhari has ordered his aids who had taken files to him in London where he is on medical vacation for signature to return same to the Acting  President. By their action,  they sought to bypass the Acting President If they had succeeded,  they would have no need for the Acting President since the President would be there to  patronize them.

According to The Nation newspaper,  online version, "President Muhammadu Buhari has been resisting attempts by some government officials,  including Ministers,  to undermine  Acting President Yemi  Osinbajo.

" He has refused to see such officials who sneak into the United Kingdom with files for his signature. Those involved in taking files and documents to London had their ego deflated " and "since their return from the various shuttles, they have been trying to curry the favour of the Acting President or cooperate with him."

The  Nation has also reported that,  contrary to reports in the social media,  the First Lady,  Hajiya Aisha is  one of three persons that have access to the President. Consequently,  any claim to the contrary is false and baseless.

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