Governor Ortom of Benue State determined to end the unabated attack and killing of his people by Fulani herdsmen.


By Our Correspondent


Governor Ortom of Benue State has reiterated his government's determination to bring to an end, the unabated and unwarranted  attack, killing of his people and destruction of their property by Fulani herdsmen. Warning the perpetrators of these  heinous crime which law enforcement agencies have treate with kid gloves, he advised any grazer wishing to continue to stay in Benue State to ranch his animals.

To assist such people prepare for ranching, the Governor has given them up to November 2017 to do so. Thereafter, the new law against open grazing will become effective.

Thanking Benue people and many others who support the bill and the law prohibiting open grazing in the State, Mr Ortom called on any persons who have better ideas on how to ensure peace in the State, to avail him with their proposal. It would be recalled that, following the criminal activities of Fulani Herdsmen who carry assault weapons such as AK-47s, SLR(Self Loading Rifles) and Sub-machine guns which they use to mow down people and destroy their communities, the Sultan of Sokoto recently called on the Federal government to investigate the sources of weapons carried and deployed by the herdsmen for their criminal activities. However, the Sultan's call was criticized by many for failing to include the  need to unveil the identity of the herdsmen in his message.

Furthermore, His Royal Highness, Sultan Sa'ad is also accused of failing to lambast the Nigeria Police, nay the Federal Government for failing to protect the sanctity of our territorial integrity whose borders are violated by the invading herdsmen who have killed thousands of innocent Nigerians without arrest and successfully prosecuting anyone of them.

Security experts spoken to by MegaNews have averted that the audacity and increase in momentum and re-enactment of their attacks even after State governments and the Nigeria Police have warned become regular for these criminals. These conduct suggests that they do not respect what is being said; and if President Buhari and Governor El-Rufai have confessed that they are foreigners, why are they not allowing the law to take its course regarding the herds men's activities?


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