Acting President Osinbajo replies NASS

The Acting President, Chairing the Federal Executive Council (FEC)in Abuja has replied the Senate which has indicated that it will, henceforth, not attend to anything from the executive unless the EFCC, Mr Magu is removed from office. Below is the statement credited to the Acting President's office:
"OSINBAJO  replies Nass.
The  Acting President , Yemi Osinbajo presiding over the Federal Executive Council meeting.
Those who want to be Acting President should concentrate on learning the meaning of  "OVERSIGHT FUNCTION" first, so they can render their duties creditably to those who elected them.
At the moment, all they do is attack Nigerians, who as much as raise a voice about the mediocre services they are rendering to their constituents. 
There's no vacancy in the Presidency that needs filling.  Stay where you were elected to be and serve Nigerians from that platform. So far, you have not......Brooooooom
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