Fashola remains convinced that Nigeria under the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is not transforming, as portrayed by TAN’s numerous announcements.

The politician stated that the country’s power was going from bad to worse and more Nigerians are unemployed, while the country cannot improve its crude oil refining, but depends wholly on importation.

Where the North East is under siege and the economy has continued to nose-dive, the Transformation Ambassadors have continued to distort the true information that all is well,” he said.

The governor continued: “All it takes to cripple our economy by those countries from where we buy oil is to say they won’t sell to us any longer.

“We have seen a good example where the country was denied access from buying arms. This is the situation we are as regards importation of oil.

The government is yet to give us power as promised; they are yet to give us fuel; we are yet to see the standard highways they promised. There are so many Nigerians living without electricity,” he added.

Fashola regretted that thousands of people in the North East had been killed or became refugees, over 200 girls still in captivity of insurgents with the North East still under capture, “yet the Transformation Ambassadors are telling Nigerians that all is well.

Babatunde Fashola is known as one of the leaders

He has been reportedly recommended by the South-West caucus of the APC as the vice-presidential candidate to whoever emerges as the presidential standard-bearer of the party.

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