He added that counter-insurgency has become a lucrative business and the inability of the security forces to subdue the Boko Haram has boosted the sect’s morale and attacks.   
 “Our security agencies have been failing as can be clearly seen where a once proud and feared Nigerian soldiers are running in the face of advancing rag-tag, ill-equipped militants. We call on the security hierarchy to admit its ineptitude and failure to stem the tide of insecurity and resign dishonourably.  Failure to do that will be admitting what many Nigerians believe - that the military is complicit in the insecurity bedevilling the North.  From what we can see, most of them don’t believe there is life after death. They are well advised to remember that there is life after power”, he said.

The group said the country is at brinks following continuous attacks by insurgents, adding that President Goodluck Jonathan hasn’t done much to address the situation but seems to be assisting in pushing the country in the direction it is going.

They said the unprecedented level of corruption in the country may not be unconnected with the systemic failures and the promotion of nepotism as a government policy.  He said appointments and promotion in the civil service are based on cronyism, which promotes ineptitude above merit and competence in an effort to continue the theft of government commonwealth.
 A member of the group, Professor Usman Bugaje said with the inability of federal government to protect its citizens, people must begin to prepare to protect themselves.

Retrieved From: http://dailytrust.com.ng/daily/news/40478-northern-academicians-urge-security-chiefs-to-quit


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